Greetings internet! My name is Jazz, here I am. I am here. ~~~

This blog is dedicated to everyday healthy choices, living, moving, and enjoying life. A few things about myself:
I am a photography student, I love music, coffee, hooping, yoga, dogs, clouds, good conversations, and good humorous beings. I am an aspiring aerialist and want to perform someday... but yes, I can also be a slacker! But that doesn't mean I'm completely lazy and can't take care of myself. Sometimes all it takes is half an hour to an hour of movement to get things rolling and you will feel your motivation increase. I truly love feeling strong and energized. I want to strengthen my body, my mind, and my soul. And through my senses I can accomplish this. So here I will post a variety of things from, photos of what I eat, photos of my body/strength progressing, my fitness adventures, and my life adventures! I welcome anyone to ask me questions as well as give me some feedback and tips of your own.

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